SUV tires 4X4 tires UHP tires semi-steel tires 165r13c passenger car tires

195/65r15, 195r15c, 185r14c165/80R13, 175/70R13, 185/70r14205/55r16, 195/65r15, 215/55R17175/65r14, 225/55r17, 215/60r16185/70r14, 185/60r14, 175/70r14245/75r16, 195/60r15, 165/65R131. Car tyre, PCR tyre. 2. Passed with ECE/DOT/GCC/ISO. 3. Timely delivery.Our Advantages:* New brand tyres, competitive price with good qu

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195/65r15, 195r15c, 185r14c
165/80R13, 175/70R13, 185/70r14
205/55r16, 195/65r15, 215/55R17
175/65r14, 225/55r17, 215/60r16
185/70r14, 185/60r14, 175/70r14
245/75r16, 195/60r15, 165/65R13

1. Car tyre, PCR tyre. 
2. Passed with ECE/DOT/GCC/ISO. 
3. Timely delivery.

Our Advantages:
* New brand tyres, competitive price with good quality, prompt delivery and good service
* Deeper tread depth
* Heavier weight than most of other brands from China.
* More than 500sizes from 12-20 inches for the 1st step, including PCR,UHP, LTR, SUV, winter, 4*4 tires. More sizes of 20-26 inches will be available soon.
*Strict quality control system from raw material to finish to ensure every single piece accord with high standard: ISO9001:2008, TS16949, ISO14001
* Scientific workshop & production Management.
* Strict QC: tyre Appearance, Dynamic Balance, X-Ray and Uniformity testing.
* Advanced & Complete Laboratory Equipment.
* International Certificates: DOT, GCC, ECE, Inmetro, Soncap, EU label...etc

A Quality Car Tire Comes From: 
Professional Dedicated Engineering team.
Scientific Workshop & Production Management .
Advanced & Complete Laboratory Equipment.
Strict Quality Control System.
Professional and Responsible Staff.
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire

Quality Guarantee:
1.At least 60,000 KMs.(Extended road mileage, excellent traction performance and steer ability).
2.Fuel economy, superior high-speed performance.
3.Optimized and reinforced tire bead design.
4.Radial carcass to make riding comfortable.

As a professional tire manufacturer and exporter in China , we are specialized in designing, manufacturing and marking tires including Truck tires, Car tires, OTR tires. Within more than 10 years' export experience, we already exported to European, American, African, Asian and Australian market and our tyres already passed the ISO, DOT, ECE, REACH, INMETRO, SONCAP,SNI, NOM, GCC certificates etc. So we have the confidence we can be your stable and trustworty supplier .
Wide range of semi-steel Passenger car tire / High performance tire /Commercial car tire / Light truck tire / Pick-up tire / Suv tire /4X4 tire / Winter car tires can be supplied at our side for your option!

Our car tyres including Passenger car tyre, UHP(ultra high performance) tyre,
LT (commercial vehicle) tyre, 4X4(SUV) tyre and Winter/Snow tyre.
Tyre width including 145 155 165 175 185 195 205 215 225 235 245 255 265 275 285 295 305
The aspect ratio incluing 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85
Tyre sizes including 12'' 13'' 14'' 15'' 16'' 17'' 18'' 19'' 20'' 21'' 22'' 23'' 24''
Devivery time:
Usually need 20-25 days after receipt of down payment.
Ready stocks need 7 days to load after receipt down payment.
1X40HQ can be mixed at most 15 sizes; 1X20FT can be mixed at most 10 sizes.

1. Excellent safety performance
2. High-wearing feature, long life tire
3. Better shock-absorbing capacity, more comfortable tire
4. Low noise, environmentally friendly green tire
5. Good air maintenance, refractory and durable ageing
6. Unique formula design, low heat generation, wear resistance
7. Unique air barrier formula and tire bead design
8. Low rolling resistance tire
9. The structure of four linear pattern grooves endows the tire with the advantageous straight-line driving performance and eccentric wear resistance
10. ISO, CCC, TS16949,SONCAP, DOT  

The Product quality certificates:
All the products have passed American "DOT", European "ECE", Brazilian "INMETRO", Chinese "CCC", and AQA international "TS16949". At the same time, the enterprise has passed the Quality Management System Certificates"ISO09001", Environmental Management System Certificates"ISO04001", and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificates"OHSAS18001"etc.

Tyre use tips:
1).Tyre Assemble
a. Tire components should be standard and matching. Nonstandard wheel rim should lead to irregular abrasion of tyre tread and explosion of tyre bead tire tyre
b. When installing the tyre, should notice the directional pattern in accord with the driving directions
c. One axle should be assembled with the same section, brand, size, pattern
d. Radial and bias tyre should not mixed on one axle
e. If the differ of remaining tread depth above 5mm,should not be assembled on one axle
f. If the differ of air pressure above 1kg,should not be assembled on one axle.
2).Tyre Inflate
a. 20% higher than the standard air pressure, tyre life will 9%lowder in average.
b. 20%lwer than the standard air pressure, tyre life will 17%lower in average
c. Air pressure is too high or too lower, tyre will lose its value, the same with worthless
3).Tyre Maintenance and Interchange
a. Interchange the tyre timely can extend 20%life tire tyre
b. Larger overall diameter should be fixed on outside wheel
c. Under general case, the radial tyres should interchange position per12000kms-15000kms
4).Safe driving
a. Interchange and check the tyre properly and timely, if find rip hole, should mend immediately incase the damage expand
b. Avoid slamming the brakes on, sharp turn
c. Avoid over loading, over speed.
d. The retreaded tyre should not be used on the front wheel
e. Load cargoes reasonable and well distributed, at normal speed

Passenger car tyre, China new car tire,PCR tyre, PCR tire:
1. ECE and DOT certificate approved, European quanlity, competitive price
2. Tread design provide excellent high-speed performance and great traction.
3. High lateral skid prevention capability. Good handling stability.
4. High comfortably on travel,low noise emission, low fuel consumption.
5. Good handling and high haulage in dry and wet condition.

The Products Description:
1. Certificate: ECE,REACH,DOT,GCC,CCC,GSO,ISO etc
2. Quality Guarantee: About 80,000 KMs.
3. Unique tread belt structure, tire tread compound with high wear-resistance and low heat generation.
4. Extended road mileage, excellent traction performance and steerability.
5. Fuel economy, superior high-speed performance.
6. Optimized and reinforced tire bead design.
7. Being especially suitable for the requirement of the special service condition.
8. Radial carcass to make riding comfortable.
9. Reduction of wearing of vehicle parts.
10.Various tyre types: car tire, passenger car tire, radial car tyre, sports car tire, winter tire, snow tire, business passenger car tyres, taxi car tyre,4×4 tires, light truck tyre, LTR STR UHP PCR car tires etc.

Compared to other factories, my main advantages is:
1. Special tread formula and deeper tread depth.
2. Strong bearing capacity, excellent in anti-wet and skid performance.
3. Low heat and excellent in high speed driving.
4. Noise avoidance and low rolling resistance.

Our main products are PCR tyres (passenger car tyres), TBR tyres (truck and bus tyres) and OTR tyres (off-the-road).We enjoy a high reputation among our current customers in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East. We have the confidence in satisfying you with good quality products, timely delivery and reasonable prices.
We welcome any inquiry and visit from our current and potential business partners.
SIZEPRSIOverall   Diameter   SectionStardard RimTread   Depth
185/65R1486H59623.51897.45½J   8
185/60R1482H57822.81897.45½J   8.4
195/60R14 86H59023.22017.96J8.4
185/55R14 80V560221947.66J8
185/50R14 77V54221.31947.66J8
215/70R15 98H68326.92218.76½J   8.5
175/65R1584H6092417775J   8
185/65R15 88H62124.41897.45½J   8
185/65R1592H62124.41897.45½J   8
195/65R15 95T635252017.96J8
205/65R15 94V64725.52098.26J8.5
215/65R1596V661262218.76½J   8.8
185/60R15 84H60323.71897.45½J   8
185/60R15 88H60323.71897.45½J   8
195/60R15 88V61524.22017.96J8.4
205/60R15 91V62724.72098.26J8.5
215/60R1598V63925.22218.76½J   8.5
225/60R1596V65125.622896½J   8.6
175/55R15 77T57322.61827.25½J   7.8
205/50R1586V58723.12148.46½J   8
205/50R1589V58723.12148.46½J   8
195/45R1578V/W55721.91957.76½J   7.8
215/65R1698H686272218.76½J   8.8
215/60R1695V66426.12218.76½J   8.8
225/60R1698V67626.622896½J   8.6
195/55R16 91V62024.42017.96J8
205/55R1691V/W63224.92148.46½J   8
205/55R16 94V63224.92148.46½J   8
195/45R1684W58222.91957.76½J   7.8
225/65R17102H72428.522896½J   8.4
225/60R1798T70227.622896½J   9.5
225/60R1799T70227.622896½J   9.5
215/55R17 98V66826.32268.97J8.2
235/55R17 98H69027.22459.67½J   9.5
235/55R17 99H69027.22459.67½J   9.5

SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire
SUV Tire 4X4 Tire UHP Tire Semi Steel Tire 165r13c Passenger Car Tire


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